Mind Tip Meditate your way to a more positive outlook. People who meditated regularly were happier, calmer and more compassionate to others.

Seem to have misplaced your rose-colored glasses? Wipe away your pessimism and regain a positive outlook with meditation. Schoolteachers who underwent an eight-week meditation program became less depressed, anxious, and stressed and felt more considerate of others’ feelings, according to a study in the journal Emotion. During the program, volunteers learned how to recognize and observe their emotions without judgment and learned how to recognize — and have compassion for — the emotions in other people. At the end of the eight weeks, participants showed less hostility and more understanding toward others and themselves. A lot of our negativity in life comes from the judgments we put on ourselves and other people. Learning how to observe our lives without criticizing them can put us on the road to a happier, less fretful life. Download the Cleveland Clinic Wellness on-the-go Stress Meditations app  for guided meditation lessons on mindfulness and compassion.

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