Food Tip Wondering if cranberry juice really can thwart UTIs? New research says yes. Drink it to keep-urinary tract infections at bay.

Cranberry juice has long been considered a folk remedy for urinary tract infections, but does it actually work? A scientific review of 13 medical studies confirms that the tart beverage does in fact offer protection against UTIs. However, rather than using cranberry juice to treat infections, the study, published in the Archives of Internal Medicine, suggests that the drink works best at preventing them. To keep painful urinary tract infections at bay, choose juice over supplements, and drink it twice a day. Cranberry juice keeps urine acidic, which makes it harder for infections to develop. Some people, especially those taking blood thinners or with diabetes, should ask their doctor if daily cranberry juice is okay. Other ways to protect against frequent UTIs: Urinate before and after sex, and avoid wearing thong underwear or extra-tight jeans.


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