Body Tip Good news, yo-yo dieters: New research suggests repeated gaining and losing won’t ruin your metabolism or future weight-loss attempts.

It may not make you happier or thinner, but yo-yo dieting is not bad for you, says a new study in the journal Metabolism. If you’ve given up on weight loss for fear of ruining your metabolism for good, your worries may be unfounded. Recent research found that the pattern of repeatedly losing and gaining will not muck up future attempts to get fit, nor will it permanently alter your metabolism. In fact, another recent study found that losing weight and gaining it again is better for you than staying obese. Not that we recommend a perpetual state of dieting, of course. Your best bet at shedding those extra pounds and keeping them off for good involves adopting a healthful diet that you can maintain forever. That means you should grant yourself small portions of your favorite snacks every now and then, but learn to love more healthful alternatives as well. Cut back on portions so that you eat until you’re comfortable rather than full. And exercise daily to burn off extra calories and build muscle. And if you fall off the wagon, just get right back up and climb on board again.


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