Mind Tip Look on the bright side of life to help keep stress and disease-causing inflammation in check. It can help you feel better too.

To stay healthy in your golden years, practice positive thinking. Lonely people are at greater risk of health problems as they get older. But if you’re feeling isolated, don’t let it get you down. New research suggests that optimism can help keep loneliness-related health issues at bay. Putting a positive spin on tough situations can help tamp down stress and disease-causing inflammation. When a group of seniors were taught to re-frame negative circumstances in a positive light, over a period of six years their level of C-reactive protein (CRP)

Think positive! You Can Do It!
Think positive! You Can Do It! (Photo credit: viZZZual.com)

— an inflammation marker associated with diabetes, high blood pressure and heart disease — improved. To keep yourself healthy and happy, look for the positive in every situation, and try your best not to play the self-blame game.


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