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It’s heartbreaking: David Oliver Relin, the co-author of Three Cups of Tea committed suicide in Oregon on November 15.  When Viking asked him to co-author the book with Greg Mortenson, he took the job because it was the kind of humanitarian story that he believed in.  Unfortunately, it was later learned that some of Mortenson’s claims were not true.  Not only was Mortenson’s reputation tarnished, but so was Relin’s.  Understandably Relin became depressed because of the emotional and financial impact of the revelations.  And it didn’t help that an attorney filed a class-action law suit against both Mortenson and the innocent Relin.  The suit was eventually dismissed by a judge, but Relin still took his life.  You can read the sad, sad story in a Daily Beastarticle.

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Salman Rushdie’s newest book, Joseph Anton, is a memoir – written in the third person for some…

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