Smoking kills
Smoking kills (Photo credit: LeRamz)

Misc Tip:
Going tobaccofree this year? To head off cravings, keep yourself busy and in good company by making dates with nonsmoking friends.

Trying to give up tobacco in the New Year? Good for you! Quitting smoking is the most important step you can take to improve your health. Make this the year you kick the habit for good-by enlisting the help of friends, family and even strangers. If you’re struggling, talk to your doctor about prescriptions or over-the-counter treatments that may help you. Stay busy to avoid thinking about smoking: Make dates with nonsmoking friends to see a movie, go to a museum, take a walk or share a meal. Exercising daily can also help you stay focused on your health and reduce stress. If you need a goal to stay motivated, sign up for a local 5 K with a friend. You may also want to join a local support program, such as Nicotine Anonymous, where you’ll gain camaraderie and encouragement from those going through the same struggles.


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