Pedometer (Photo credit: LauraFries.com)


Body Tip You don’t have to register for boot camp. Improve your fitness (and health) by walking 6,000 to 10,000 steps a day.


If your goal is to boost your vitality and overall health, put one foot in front of the other — at least 6,000 times a day. Walking 6,000 steps (about three miles) daily decreases the risk of diabetes and heart disease. Women who walk 6,000 steps a day or more are also less likely to be obese. If you’re trying to get fit in the New Year, a walking routine is the perfect way to get started. You don’t need any fancy equipment, and as long as you have a pair of sneakers, you can do it anywhere. To keep yourself motivated, invest in a pedometer to count the number of steps you take every day. Tracking your steps also helps you set new goals and stay accountable. Check out our pedometer recommendations in the Cleveland Clinic Wellness Store. If 6,000 steps feels too daunting, you can start with just 2,000 and work your way up to 6,000 or even 10,000 steps each day.




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