~~Youths and Sexuality Part 1: The Truth Of The Matter~~

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By Keron Gonzales

Human civilization has without a doubt become more advanced over the years. We have made huge leaps and strides in medicine, technology and lifestyle among other things. However, the human anatomy has generally remained the same. We are born as babies and grow into adulthood with the help of chemicals, then we eventually die. This has been a constant over the years, yet still we have failed to overcome the control of these chemicals. When an average human reaches adolescents, sex becomes a pivotal factor in his/her decision-making process.  Some people can resist the urges presented to them by their hormones for a long time while others simply succumb to the pressure at an early age.

Many youths are succumbing to the pressures at a very young and tender age. They are exposed to a sexual environment prematurely and the behaviors follow suit. In most cultures, people who have sex at an early age are considered reckless, evil and even delinquent. Sexual activity is in fact good because it helps to replenish the earth but it must be practiced safely and with great care. There are many implications of sex that can negatively affect a young person who isn’t prepared. Diseases such as HIV Aids and Herpes can spread through sexual intercourse. There is also the possibility of a pregnancy which may be a problem for a youth when not prepared.  Sexual activity is strongly discouraged before the binding of two people in Holy Matrimony. However, the society today is developed in a way in which both extremes are highly influenced. For every person that discourages premarital sex, there is another person encouraging it. So youths these days have quite a hard time deciphering what’s right and what’s wrong as it pertains to sex. The reality of it is, youths aren’t going to change if the negative influences keep showing themselves.  We should spend less energy trying to change youths and spend more energy changing the influences.

This is the first part of the youth and sexuality series.

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