food (Photo credit: Agnes Leung)

Food Tip: Have you eaten an entire pint of fro-yo? Maybe it’s time to invest in a tiny utensil. Taking smaller bites helps us eat less.

Wondering where all your food went? If you consistently eat more than you intended, it’s time to put the brakes on your bites. Research shows that we can cut back on unintended calories by taking bitty-size bites. Taking less food into our mouths at once can slow down the eating process so we have more time for digestion. The study found that people ate 30 percent less when their food was divided into pre-apportioned bites. Use smaller utensils, cut your food into smaller pieces and select just one nut or piece of popcorn at a time. Those strategies will make your jeans fit better (until your waist is so small that you need new jeans)!



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