Sugar sugar
Sugar sugar (Photo credit: dhammza)


Food Tip To shrink your waistline, skip sugar. Research shows that cutting back on the sweet stuff can help prevent the middle-age spread.


To keep the pounds from creeping up on you, cut back on sugar. A new study in the British Medical Journal has found that people who reduced their intake of sugary foods and drinks lost one and a half pounds per year. To put that in perspective, adults gain just one pound a year (or 10 pounds per decade) as they age. So that middle-age spread that sneaks up on us and keeps us from fitting into our favorite jeans could become a thing of the past just by avoiding excess sugar. Sugar-sweetened drinks like soda, fruit punch and lemonade were linked to an even greater risk of being overweight or obese. The Cleveland Clinic’s Go! Foods healthy-eating guidelines recommend that sugar content be kept to less than four grams for main dishes and desserts, and less than two grams for side dishes and soups.




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