English: Wooshy Tongue Cleaner is newest desig...
English: Wooshy Tongue Cleaner is newest design device in helping remove coating from tongue’s surface. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Body Tip Don’t be a stinker. To help battle bad breath, floss like your life depends on it and use a tongue scraper.


YOU know the nasty feeling of holding a convo with a person whose breath smells like leftovers. And you pray you’re never the source of such a stench. Bad breath (or halitosis) comes from lots of places: Some stems from food getting trapped in pockets in your gums or your tonsils, some comes from your stomach, and still more originates from your tongue. The stench from bacteria buildup can clear a room. Some even comes as a side effect of medication (as is the case with Benadryl). One good way to handle bad breath: a tongue scraper, which removes bacteria and takes some of the stink away. A tongue scraper reduces nasty compounds on the tongue by 75 percent (compared to only 45 percent by toothbrush alone). 10 seconds does the trick. Just take the scraper and run it over your tongue. If your breath is just relentlessly offensive, talk to your dentist, who might even prescribe a few days of antibiotics. Your dates (and coworkers and subway companions) will thank you.





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