Soft drinks on shelves in a Woolworths superma...
Soft drinks on shelves in a Woolworths supermarket (Australia). Taken by myself. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Body Tip Bothered by gas? Excessive gas can be uncomfortable and embarrassing. Ease up by avoiding gum, hard candies and carbonated drinks.

Though it’s not something you care to discuss at a dinner party, passing gas is normal. In fact, we toot our own horns, so to speak, about 14 times a day. If that’s the number you average before you even get out of bed, try these tricks to ease the ruckus in your belly. First, avoid chewing gum or sucking on any kind of hard candies or lozenges. Sucking and chewing can make you swallow more air, which can cause a buildup of gas. Next, stay away from carbonated beverages since they are gassy by nature. Soda is an especially troublesome culprit, because high-fructose corn syrup can also increase gas production by your intestinal bacteria (thank you very much). When eating high-fiber foods, be sure to drink plenty of water with them. Some types of fiber absorb water during digestion and can make you bloated if you aren’t sufficiently hydrated. If you eat a lot of healthy but gas-inducing foods like beans, broccoli or cabbage, try Beano. It contains an enzyme that breaks down these foods more easily. Lastly, get plenty of exercise. While running and walking won’t prevent gas, physical activity can help you evacuate gas more quickly (so don’t let anyone run that close to you).


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