English: Sour Patch Kids candies. Please check...
English: Sour Patch Kids candies. Please check my Wikimedia User Gallery for all of my public domain works. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Body Tip Steer clear of tart treats. Sour candy can be worse for your teeth than sweets because the acidity can strip tooth enamel.

Love pucker-inducing goodies like Sour Patch Kids or Cry Baby candies? Such tart treats aren’t likely to be doing your smile any favors. Turns out, many tear-inducing candies like Warheads and Altoids Sours are practically as acidic as battery acid. Acidic foods can strip away protective tooth enamel, leaving them prone to decay and discoloration. Tooth enamel erosion can occur when the pH level of your mouth falls below 4.0. Most sour candies tested have a pH level between two and three. If you’re going to indulge in acidic treats, be sure to thoroughly rinse your mouth afterward with water, Water can help neutralize those acids and bring your mouth’s pH back up to a safe level. Any sticky, sugary residue that gets lodged in your teeth should also be removed by brushing and flossing.



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