Young women chewing gum.
Young women chewing gum. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Gum (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Mind Tip Chew on this: Enjoying a piece of gum does more than freshen your breath. It may boost your ability to concentrate.

A small new study suggests that chewing sugar-free gum may boost powers of concentration. When British investigators looked at the effects of chewing gum during a hearing-related memory test, they found that participants who chewed gum could better remember complicated sequences of numbers. Thirty-eight participants were asked to recall random sequences of digits. The participants were scored on accuracy and speed. Half chewed gum during the test, and half did not. The study showed that gum chewers’ results were quicker and more accurate, especially toward the end of the task. Interestingly, participants who didn’t chew gum performed just slightly better initially, but the advantage did not persist. Chewing gum may help improve focus, said the researchers. Chewing gum may also boost concentration for sight-related memory tasks, according to prior research.


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