Breast with visible stretchmarks
Breast with visible stretchmarks (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Misc Tip If exercising is causing breast pain, then it’s time for a properly fitted sports bra.

It’s probably no surprise to you that breast tissue is affected by exercise. After all, exercise has an impact on almost every other part of your body. And whether you wear an A cup or a DD, there’s a chance that you’ve been bothered by breast pain during exercise. At least that’s what a recent British survey found. The survey, conducted by researchers at the 2012 London Marathon, asked female participants whether they experienced the breast pain during their workouts. One third of them said yes, and half of the women said the pain affected the intensity and duration of their workouts.

Two girls exercising and walking with their do...
Two girls exercising and walking with their dogs at Cayucos State Beach, Cayucos, California, February 14, 2007. Photo by Mike Baird. Shot w/ a Canon 5D w/ 600 mm f/4.0 IS lens w. 1.4X TE, balanced on a rail – no setup time (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A second group of British researchers, from the University of Portsmouth in the United Kingdom, says that wearing an “encapsulated” sports bra — the kind with individual cups that surround and support each breast separately — reduces breast movement by up to 73 percent and can reduce the breast pain that is associated with excessive motion, such as running. So if you experience breast pain during exercise, you might consider switching to this type of sports bra. When purchasing a sports bra, make sure it’s properly fitted to you and that it offers the correct support for the kind of activity you’re planning to do. A bra that you wear for yoga, for example, should be different from the one you use for running.


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