Body Tip:

To improve focus and concentration, as well as physical balance, practice the yoga move known as tree pose.

English: Vrksasana, the tree position, a Yoga ...
English: Vrksasana, the tree position, a Yoga posture. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

To help build both mental and physical steadiness, try this move from yoga therapist Judi Bar, the yoga program manager at the Cleveland Clinic, and Debra Darnell, a registered yoga teacher:

Tree Pose is a simple way to focus your mind and stop it from wandering. It also helps with balance. Start with your feet hip-distance apart, standing up straight. Shift your weight into your left foot. Lift your right foot up and place your right heel on the inside of your left ankle. If you need to, for added balance, let the toes of your right foot lightly touch the floor. Bring your hands up to your chest with your palms pressed together, elbows out to either side. Or, for more support, place your hands on the back of a chair. Focus your gaze on a stationary object and take two full, deep breaths. To challenge yourself in this pose, try moving your right foot up higher on your left leg. Press the bottom of your foot into the side of your shin, or bring it all the way up to your inner thigh. Be careful not to rest your foot along your knee. Keep your breathing fluid and soft. Hold for five to 10 breaths, then switch sides. It takes work to keep your balance in this pose, so your mind will quiet down as it focuses solely on this task. Use this pose any time you need a moment to reset your busy brain.


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