Mind Tip Head off memory issues in old age: Eat a Mediterranean-style diet of veggies, whole grains, good fats and fish. (Swim to catch the fish!)
med diet

You know that old computer that you’d like to toss out on its head? It’s slow, buggy and doesn’t have enough memory? Sounds kind of like our brains on a bad day, doesn’t it? But not to worry — there are ways to reduce memory loss and even dementia. Help keep your noggin sharp in its golden years by feeding it the right nutrients. Evidence suggests that a heart-healthy Mediterranean diet can do wonders for your ticker and your thinker. The largest study to date, published in the journal Neurology, finds that going Mediterranean can help preserve brain function and all those precious memories you’ve spent a lifetime accumulating.

A Mediterranean-style diet is one that advocates vegetables, fruit, legumes, lean protein, fish and good fats like olive oil and walnuts instead of processed carbohydrates, like white rice and sugar; red meat; high-fat dairy; and deep-fried foods.

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