Misc Tip Hate to floss? Try disposable floss picks, a more convenient alternative for some. Because they fray easily, toss ‘em after each use.

FlossBrite dental floss
FlossBrite dental floss (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It’s okay to use floss picks instead of dental floss, says Hadie Rifai, DDS, a dentist at the Cleveland Clinic. Some sources have reported that floss picks can’t get between teeth in the way that floss can. While Dr. Rifai says picks are a suitable workaround for those who

F&Yshaped hand-held dental floss
F&Yshaped hand-held dental floss (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

wouldn’t floss otherwise, he does caution against their reuse. Some people, in order to save money, will use picks a couple of times before tossing them, but they’re really meant to be used only once, he explains. Disposable floss picks can fray after a single use, so using them more than once can cause unnecessary trauma to sensitive gums.


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