Compassion International
Compassion International (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Misc Tip You can’t fix difficult people, but you can change how you regard them. Try compassion meditation to buoy your empathy — and sanity.

Maybe you think compassion is an inborn trait, or that we all have a certain maximum level of sympathy for people that doesn’t alter with age or experience. But research shows that you can, in fact, cultivate a kinder, more caring attitude toward others — even those who continually get under your skin. All you have to do is practice something called compassion meditation. Instead of chanting “om” or focusing on your breath, picture someone who is struggling and then practice wishing them well. By doing this for the people who have hurt you, or with whom you constantly butt heads, you develop a greater sense of compassion for them. This practice allows you to let go of judgments and feel better about that person. While you can’t change others’ attitudes toward you or toward the world, compassion meditation can help you feel more peace and understanding for those who drive you crazy.


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