English: show the shallow breathing. Dansk: vi...
English: show the shallow breathing. Dansk: viser vejrtrækning i brystet. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Giving your mind time to rest through meditation or breathing exercises allows you to release stress and let go of situations that are beyond your control. This year, try a meditation class or taking ten deep breaths when you notice a moment of stress or frustration.

The Power Breathing Technique

  1. Take in a deep breath through your nostrils. Do this without exertion, neither raising your shoulders nor puffing out your chest.
  2. Hold it for a second. ‘Force’ the oxygen into the extremities of your body such as your hands, feet and skull.
  3. Slowly breathe out, noisily, through your lips.
  4. Repeat a few times -smoothing out the inhalation and exhalation so that there is one apparently seamless inflow and outflow of air.
  5. As you breathe out, feel the tension melting from your body into the floor. As the breathing becomes more automatic, concentrate on that tension passing from your body, through the soles of your feet (if you’re standing), or through the skin of your back (if you’re reclining) into the floor.
Breathing techniques will not cure anxiety, but they can help you to relax so that you can then utilize other treatments effectively.

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