Word of the Day


Word of the Day for September 09, 2013 is: shindig \SHIN-dig\ noun

1 a : a social gathering with dancing b : a usually large or lavish party 2 : fracas, uproar


We’re hosting a little shindig this weekend for some friends, and we hope you can attend.

“However, whatever significant portion of Earth’s satellite will be visible Sunday, July 21, will have to do for everyone joining in at the Hamptons Full Moon Fest shindig starting at 6 p.m.” —From an article by Ian J. Stark in Newsday (Long Island), July 21, 2013

Did you know?

At a glance, “shindig” appears to combine “shin” and “dig,” and thus might seem to suggest a painful kick to the leg—especially when you know that one of the first senses of “shindig” in English refers to a gathering at which people dance. It is more likely, however, that “shindig” is an alteration of “shindy,” which is itself the alteration of another word, “shinny,” used of a variation of hockey played with a curved stick and a ball or block of wood. It’s not entirely clear how the game of “shinny” gave “shindy” its first meaning (the “social gathering with dancing” meaning that is also the original meaning of “shindig”), but “shinny” remains the most likely origin.


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