Example of dark circles
Example of dark circles (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Mind Tip Having a hard time feeling grateful? Take a nap. Lack of sleep can make us less appreciative of friends and family.

We all know that a night of tossing and turning can leave us grouchy the next morning, but did you know that not getting enough rest can also make us less appreciative of those around us? Poor sleep influences how we interact with — and even see — other people. When we’re sleep-deprived, we’re less likely to be grateful for a coworker’s compassionate ear or a spouse’s helpful gesture. What’s more, research studies have shown that feelings of gratitude can help us sleep more soundly. It’s a cycle: Not only does feeling thankful promote better sleep, but restful sleep promotes gratitude. Can’t seem to get out of the cycle of fatigue and grumpiness? Try these tips to help you wind down and prepare your body for sleep. If you could use a little more help falling and staying asleep, try our guided online program Go! to Sleep and get the rest you need.


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