Wellness Tip

Mind Tip……Remember more: Turn off your computer and smartphone to give your brain a break.

All that multitasking you’re doing online — especially on social media — could be causing you to squander memories or forget important information. Contrary to common belief, what looks like an idle brain from the outside is in fact doing important work on the inside: storing and integrating information. Data overload may be handicapping your brain’s ability to retain certain kinds of information. The problem begins in a part of the brain known as working memory (also called short-term memory). Working memory enables you to search for pertinent details, filter out extraneous information, identify precisely what you need, and remember it. But it’s a limited resource. At any given time, working memory is limited to three or four items. Attempting to stuff in more information — which is what happens when we browse Facebook and Twitter — causes your processing capacity to suffer. Bottom line: When you’re working on an important project that you will want to remember well later, don’t compromise the active part of your brain with social surfing.



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