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ostentatious \ah-stun-TAY-shus\
adjective: marked by or fond of conspicuous or vainglorious and sometimes pretentious display
Now that he has money, Edwin wears expensive designer clothes, drives an ostentatious car, and frequents the trendiest upscale nightclubs.

“‘Washingtonians are more understated in their style,’ says Pamela Sorensen, founder of the website Pamela’s Punch, where she covers the local social scene. ‘Being flashy or ostentatious is frowned upon.'” — From an article by Kimberly Palmer in the Washingtonian, January 2014
Did you know?
“Showy,” “pretentious,” and “ostentatious” all mean given to outward display, but there are subtle differences in the meaning of these show-off words. “Showy” implies an imposing or striking appearance, but usually also implies cheapness or bad taste. “Pretentious” suggests an appearance of importance not justified by a thing’s value or a person’s standing. “Ostentatious” is the most peacockish of all, stressing the vanity of the display.


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