Wellness Tip


Misc Tip Your nose may hold the secret to inexpensive Alzheimer’s testing.

A simple “sniff test” may become an inexpensive and noninvasive way of testing for Alzheimer’s disease. Researchers from the University of Florida have found that testing your ability to smell peanut butter with your left nostril may be a valuable test for diagnosing Alzheimer’s. The ability to smell is associated with the first cranial nerve, one of the first nerves to deteriorate in the early stages of cognitive decline.

While the test is currently being used only to confirm a preexisting diagnosis, more studies are being conducted to see if it could in fact be used someday for predictive assessment.

If you suspect that a loved one may have Alzheimer’s disease, be sure to keep a journal with notes on any behaviors that seem odd, inappropriate or out of the ordinary. Share these observations during a doctor’s appointment. Treatments can make life better, longer for both patient and caregiver, and early detection can mean a lot.


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