Wellness Tip


Body Tip Loosen up on this day of love! Have your spouse or partner join you in this relaxing yoga move for the upper back, shoulders and neck.

Spend Valentine’s Day with your partner getting loose. Try this standing yoga pose for two from Cleveland Clinic yoga therapist Judi Bar. It uses a bit of gentle traction to help loosen and stretch the muscles in the upper back, shoulders and neck. It’s also a really nice way to get closer to your loved one!

Stand facing your partner and extend your arms toward each other. One person should have their hands facing inward, and the other should rotate their hands so that they are facing out. Now, wrap your hands around each other’s wrists. Use a nice strong grip that will help support you. Start walking backward while still holding on to each other. Bend forward from the hips until your back is parallel to the floor and your arms are fully extended. Gently push your hips back even farther until you feel a really good stretch in your shoulders, upper back and arms, down your spine, and into the backs of your legs. Let your neck and head relax and hang down. Gently turn your head side-to-side to help loosen those tight neck muscles. Stay in this position for a few breaths. Notice the wonderful stretch you are sharing with each other. Keep breathing gently and evenly. To come out of the pose, slowly walk toward your partner while returning to a nice, tall standing position. Take a few breaths to settle your body before doing our last pose, which is to…give your partner a loving hug! Note: We don’t recommend this pose for people who have rotator cuff problems in their shoulders. Check with your doctor first.


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