Youth Voices

While the nation is still in recovery mode from the shocking death of Dana Seetahal SC, a spate of murders has continued to stain the front pages of every local newspaper. From trigger-happy policemen to angry gang-members who jealously guard their ‘turf’, many seem to think they have a reason to kill these days.
One of the most horrific incidents among these is the misfortune of little Sarah Headley, who suffered a bullet wound to the head as a result of a gunman’s unsteady aim.
It cannot be argued that the child and her mother were in the wrong place at the wrong time, unless making one’s way home has now become the wrong place at the wrong time. Both mother and child were unlucky enough to cross the path of yet another individual who believes he has a reason to kill.
Because of this individual’s blind desire for vengeance, this child, at four years old, is now physically and psychologically damaged for life.
As if the crime situation isn’t bad enough, Trinidad and Tobago was recently thrown into the ugly glare of the spotlight when international news channel “VICE News” posted a documentary entitled “Corruption, Cocaine and Murder in Trinidad and Tobago” on popular video-streaming website YouTube. As of May 23, 2014, the video received over 10.000 views by YouTube viewers all over the world. Excellent exposure for our tourism industry, don’t you think?
The figurative icing on the cake came in the form of another video, this time starring a government minister and three unidentified females, which generated an audience of its own. Apparently, entertaining prostitutes and purchasing and using an illegal substance is acceptable behaviour for a government minister.
Despite all this chaos, a certain political party appeared to be in a celebratory mood last Saturday. The party’s political leader stood proudly at the podium, but instead of addressing the pressing issues at hand, she chose to attack and derail the opposing political party, as though doing so would in one way or another bring relief to a sore nation.
Her supporters eagerly expressed their enthusiasm, cheering on the ‘picong’ delivered as various government ministers, including the prostitute-entertaining, marijuana-smoking minister took to the podium. Party-flags were waved and liquor freely flowed, but I just don’t get it. What exactly are we celebrating? The corruption, the cocaine or the murder? Call me a killjoy, but I really don’t see any reason to cheer or celebrate.


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