Whatsapp, World Cup and Weed……

By Danielle Dixon
At the moment, my guy friends are MIA…..either they’re glued to the television set at their homes or they’re holed up at some sports bar with some beers….but the bar-going group and the stay-at-home group are both elusive for the same reason; everywhere in the world, it’s football season.
Luckily for me, my boyfriend is not a football-head. Should this have been the season for 20/20 matches, he’d be as scarce as my guy friends. But while the rest of the country’s women have lost their men to the World Cup, I have managed to retain mine.
In fact, it’s the other way around…I’m afraid he has lost ME to the World Cup. If ever there was a time we switch roles, it’s now. Often, during our conversations, I would randomly mention the highlights of the most recent match. When the match in question happened to involve one of my preferred teams (and if they happened to be on the losing end) I would sulk until he coaxed me out of my bad mood. If he messages me while I happen to be watching a match, he’d probably either be ignored or brushed aside hurriedly with a dismissive “later babe, I’m watching the game”. I must say, though, he is handling it quite well; he accepts the temporary change in good spirits, knowing that, as of Sunday, July 13th, 2014, I will once again be the attentive girlfriend I usually am.
In spite of my loving devotion to the World Cup, I have still managed to glimpse the newspaper, and several disturbing things have caught my eye. Number one on that list of disturbing things is the open letter, penned by Anil Roberts, to the Prime Minister.
In said letter, the sports minister vehemently denies ever having used an illegal substance (marijuana)or entertaining prostitutes “during his tenure as Sports Minister”. I’m not quite sure what that means. Does Roberts mean, then, that he has in fact used illegal substances and enjoyed the company of prostitutes at a time before he became the sports minister, or does he mean that he has never once touched neither a joint nor a Murray Street resident?
Can there be another person that so closely resembles and sounds like the sports minister, and who visited England two years ago along with some of the country’s athletes?
Does Minister Roberts think we are all visually impaired? Or does he think we are just plain stupid? I guess we’ll never know. If Auntie Kams let him off the hook, who are we to question him? We’re only tax-paying, voting citizens, after all.
The exposing of Anil Roberts via smartphone video got me thinking how easy it is, what with all these multimedia electronic devices readily available to the majority these days, for all your business to be put out there, at times unbeknown to you.
One of the most successful social media applications that I am currently in a love/hate relationship with is good old Whatsapp.
Sure, it certainly beats texting. For at least the first eight months, the service is free, it’s fast (photographs and videos can be captured, uploaded and sent to other Whatsapp users in real-time), and it’s fun, with all the cute smileys available for the purpose of expressing your mood to whoever you’re chatting with.
But Whatsapp is also very scary. A lot of people may not think of it that way, but think about this for a minute; someone whom you may have given your number to a long time ago but lost contact with could still have your number and have you added as a Whatsapp contact. This person can see your status update, when you were last seen, and even steal your photographs.And then there’s the group of people that make you really wish that Whatsapp was a lot more private. Like your boss (who, most likely will have your number) and your co-workers. For those of you in University, you sure wouldn’t want your lecturers seeing that sexy photo that you’re longing to make your profile photo, would you? But you want the cute guy/girl on your contact list to see it, so you find yourself in a predicament.
I have personally had to hide my “last seen” so as to avoid getting in trouble with a few people (really hope those people are not reading this). All in all, Whatsapp is great, but it can be a real tattle-tale as well.
So what’s your weakness at the moment? Is it World Cup (shout out to all my fellow football-heads) Whatsapp (for all those chatterbugs and spies out there) or is it weed? Whatever it is, make sure you don’t get carried away, and for the latter, don’t do like our Sports Minister and get caught.


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