Youth Voices

When I read about the shooting death of Lance Corporal Kayode Thomas of John John, Laventille, I cringed.
This had not been the first shooting of a member of the T&T defence force who resided in Laventille by criminal elements also residing in Laventille. This, however, is the first one that has resulted in death.
And that in itself is enough to make me cringe.
The criminal elements who are responsible for taking this man’s life, coming from the same community, would have been well aware that he was a father of eight children, including a two-week- old baby who will now never know his/her father. They would also have been aware that he was a loving son and husband, simply attempting to earn an honest living to care for his family. But none of that mattered when, mercilessly, these vigilantes decided that Thomas was to act as martyr for every member of the defence force who had ever engaged in questionable activity.
The possible backlash of this young man’s death, though, as well as the overhanging threats made by both the protective services (who ought to know better than to incite war) and the Laventille residents, is enough to make the entire country cringe.
Does anyone else feel as though we are sitting on a ticking time bomb?


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