Word of the Day

walleyed \WAWL-EYED\
adjective1 : having walleyes or affected with walleye 2 : marked by a wild irrational staring of the eyes
After getting beaned by the pitcher, the walleyed batter was immediately checked by the paramedics for signs of a concussion.

“And then after that, there’s a picture with 10-year-old me holding a dog toy, staring at the viewer, sort of walleyed.…” — Allie Brosh, NPR (Fresh Air) interview, November 12, 2013
Did you know?
The noun “walleye” has several meanings. It can refer to an eye with a whitish or bluish-white iris or to one with an opaque white cornea. It can also refer to a condition in which the eye turns outward away from the nose. The extended second sense of the adjective “walleyed” came from the appearance of eyes affected with the condition of walleye. You might guess that “walleyed” has an etymological connection with “wall,” but that’s not the case. Rather, it is derived from “wawil-eghed,” a Middle English translation of the Old Norse word “vagl-eygr,” from “vagl” (“beam”) and “eygr” (“eyed”).



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