A Message to the Weak!

As I sit here on a bleak, cloudy day in East Trinidad, I dare to even to ponder on my life. How selfish would that be? However, in cold, hard reality the daunting aspect to think about the hurting, the pained, the grieving, the helpless, the poor, the emotionally distressed seems unbearable. How most of us in Trinidad and Tobago would selfishly, condemn mother nature for providing us with water, many would complain about how hard and unfair life is because they didn’t want to work for any money, individuals worry about their planet-size issues and to think there are some that are unaware of what is happening is absurd, but sadly there are.

Love for humanity is on an all-time low, and it appals me not if one is to think that I am bold or controversial for making such a statement. It is True! It is unfathomable that there are homo sapiens who turn a blind eye to such chaos, but will sit in groups and debate comical politics , drink a beer and talk about sex. Nonetheless it pains my heart to Know that hundreds have died in a senseless war, almost – if not – a thousand have died from a rampaging disease, hurricanes are roaring to destruction and havoc and us the so-called privileged ones hopeless in everything! One would be forgiven to think that this message was for those in Israel,Palestine Or even the disease contagious countries, but no, this is for us, they are the strong, we are the weak, the hopeless and dying.

H. Jackson Brown once wrote “In the confrontation between the stream and the rock, the stream always wins…Not through strength but by perseverance.” To those that is weak, strength is not what is necessarily needed but perseverance, compassion, courage and most of all love for humanity.

With – Niccomie Webb


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