“Focusing on the finest details, finding magic in even the smallest inspirations, embracing the briefest moments – that’s where passion is.” Linda Kaplan Thaler and Robin Koval

nature 1

When I first encountered this boggling quote, it took me back a few years, years of my childhood glory.

I pondered desperately as a child on the spoken words of adults, “don’t you have any passion?” Where’s the passion in kids these days? They conversed. The most impacting however, was exactly the day of my SEA Examination result.

Excitement, Anxiety, Nervousness crippled me the night before, though there was a brave face, full of confidence at dinner, my lack of sleep could have testified to my troubles.

As the morning came to consciousness and in the deep of my short rest I remember clearly, someone, almost as if they were dying uttering these words “Find your passion.”

As I read that quote, it meant something to me. But what was it? What details to focus on? Finding Magic? Such even exist? Embrace a brief moment? What is Passion?

Inspiration abounds differently for each of us. Going to the gym, Enjoying the sunset / sunrise by the beach, participating in outreach programs to the needy, playing with a child, growing a garden; each of these emit much joy even when focusing on the most minute of elements. The joy is sensing and valuing the precious details which make the experience rare and exquisite to the beholder. Passion springs from how you view your environment and your mindset towards to life. Embrace and appreciate amazing moments today.

I’ve found my passion. Have you?


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