12 years ago, two artists unknowingly crossed paths. Two incredibly mulch-talented young men grew from being friends in primary school to brothers from different mothers. Now consisting of 6 brothers the OverDose Music Group have developed into a ridiculous amount of talented, hard-working young men destined to achieve greatness.
This interesting story all began with Jimmy and Nick, longtime friends in primary school, the two did music and even wrote a song together which Nick jokingly described as “wasn’t any good, but we liked it” they thereafter attended different High Schools but was nonetheless reunited. Jimmy a member of M.A.D productions (Making A Difference) teamed up with Nick once again and eventually began doing a mix tape which they wanted to incorporate their birthdays into. Jimmy born on October 9th and Nick December 9th told a story of how October met December ‘OD’, which in time became the name of the group as M.A.D productions disbanded.
Hakeem aka Ghostman was a member of M.A.D Productions and helped began the OverDose group, Kidd OD a friend of jimmy’s and Nick fell in, Nathan joined up after writing a song called ‘Pushback’ with Jimmy and they met Yogi at the tribute concert for titanic who became friends in a short time and merged with the group.
This is currently the group’s first project and the others ‘still in work’. Their first two releases will be dropping today at the Escape concert with Swappi with whom they have not met, but is excitingly awaiting. When asked what were the highlight experience with the group? Nick replied “Definitely Jimmy performing at the Liv concert which enabled them to be a part of the Free Speech Project and his performance at Machel Monday 2014” which he proudly labeled “ That was epic, That was a lot”

Tell us a bit about yourself?
“My name is Nicholas Christian Subero, I’m 19, I love Arts; Theatre, Music, Dancing anything with expression .I admire Michael Jackson and his greatness. I have a definite passion and excitement for being on stage and camera. I’m often referred to as a ‘Theatre whore’ for being in multiple productions at the same time.” He laughed
What is your favorite quote?
“An eye for an eye leaves everyone blind” Mahatma Gandhi.
What is a quality you deplore in yourself?
Love! That has to be my mother’s fault. As a child she thought me that hate is a cancer and it will consume and destroy oneself. I personally love everyone and everything.
What is a quality you admire in others?
Creativity, I believe that talented individuals maintain a balance of brilliance and compassion also they are very hard-working.
Which person you respect most in the group?
Jimmy! It has to be Jimmy, because we’ve been friends for a long time now and to see the consistent amount of hard work and success he have thus far. I respect and look up to that.
How did you get involved in theatre?
I began at school, Trinity College East, performing Dueling Voices. We even performed all the way to Barbados. That’s the moment I recognized I liked theatre.
What has been your biggest production thus far?
I performed in Best village finals with Eh Bien Oui Don Don. I was even congratulated by Raymond Choo Kong after. It was a memorable performance.
How many projects are you currently undertaking?
Four, Body = Barrier with D.ART.IS, Malinis with Eh Bien Oui Don Don, Moulin Rouge with Star Family 868 and an unnamed project with OD.
How has the experience been on the Free Speech Project?
Aaamazing! It really encourages me to write more and develop as an artist. I’ve been doing a lot more open mics and poetry. TTRN are really amazing.
What would you take from the concert today?
Hopefully I will grow with the incredible experience and extend my talent on the stage.
How would you like this year to end?
Knowing that Eh Bien Oui Don Don have cemented their place in the theatre industry, and the OverDose group being a bit more recognized.
Lastly, are their any near projects that the OverDose group is working on?
We plan to hopefully release our 2nd music video called ‘Red Cups’ with K.I.N.G (keep Inspiring New Genius) produce by Ace Washhouse studio and directed by Brendon O’Brian.

A Group, A prospect, A Band, call them what you like. They are to be reckoned with in the near future and this is just one-sixth of their Story.



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