A Malicious Character Assassination

Such a Topic has been cliched by a number of our politicians in recent times. Many from Mr. Patrick Manning to the Former bumptious Sports Minister to the now AG have commented on this topic.

However, which character have really been targeted? Our self-absorbed politicians Or the foundation on which our dear country have been built? Why hasn’t this ‘Malicious’ attack been immobilize? Why are there expectedly continuous talks about gang violence, white collar crime or about the latest constitution reform scandal?

Our country has been at its lowest, hopeless state since God knows when. Moreover those that we have placed in charge are continuing with their grandstand towards its inevitable character assassination. Do we realise how tragically farcical we must appear to simple people in the Caribbean, far less to those whom we fawn to impress in Europe and North America?

I fear for the time when our ‘sweet’ T&T, will no longer be able to bear such a name. For a time when, what our forefathers worked tirelessly for will be in tatters due to our ego suffused leaders . We have ventured across all unacceptable boundaries, only time can tell where we’ll end.


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