Word of the Day

lido \LEE-doh\
noun: a fashionable beach resort
Sharon bought a new bathing suit in anticipation of her upcoming vacation at a luxurious lido.

“The lido on the Promenade at Grange-over-Sands has been abandoned since it closed in 1993, although there is now a campaign for it to be reopened.” — Griff Witte, BBC.com, August 13, 2014
Did you know?
The original Lido is a beach resort near Venice, Italy. The town’s name comes from the Italian word lido, which means “shore” or “bank.” (The Italian root derives from litus, the Latin word for “shore.”) By the mid-19th century, Lido’s reputation as a chic vacation destination for the well-to-do made it the envy of seaside resorts everywhere. English speaking social climbers generalized the town’s name and started using it for any fashionably Lido-esque beach.



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