Word of the Day 

apple-polish verb1 : to attempt to ingratiate oneself :toady 2 : to curry favor with (as by flattery

There still might be time to apple-polish the boss.” — Garry SmitsFlorida Times-UnionOctober 30, 2008 

“One of the reasons unions (and stepincreasesexist is to eliminatecronyism or favoritism. No teacherhas to apple-polish the principal to get a raise.” — John JonesColumbus (OhioDispatchJune 11, 2011

Did you know?
It began innocently enough: a shinyapple for the teacher, a youngstudent‘s gift (OK, bribegiven in the hope that classroom high jinks wouldbe forgotten or forgiven. The collegestudents of the 1920s tried a moresophisticated version of the trickpolishing professorial egos withcompliments in the hopes of getting a better gradeBecause of its similarityto the “apple for the teacher” practicecollege students dubbedthat grade-enhancement strategyapple-polishing. But the idea quicklylost its luster and by 1935 the verbapple-polish had picked up negativeconnotationsNowadays, the apple-polisher (academic or otherwise) is viewed in the same much-malignedclass as the toadysycophant, and bootlicker.


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