Word of the Day 

rhadamanthine adjective: (often capitalizedrigorously strict or just 

The judge took the maliciousness of the crime into account and decidedupon a rhadamanthine punishment

Sometimes, she writes withincandescent hopeoften, she manifests a disagreeable proclivityfor passing Rhadamanthine judgmenton us all.” — Andrew SolomonNew York TimesDecember 12, 2014

Did you know?
In Greek mythologythere were threejudges of the underworldMinosAeacus, and RhadamanthusMinos, a son of Zeus and Europa, had beenthe king of Crete before becomingsupreme judge in the underworldafter his deathAeacusanother son of Zeus, was king of Aegina beforejoining the underworld triumvirateRhadamanthusbrother of Minos and king of the Cyclades Islands, was especially known for being inflexiblewhen administering his judgmenthence, the meaning of rhadamanthine as “rigorously strict or just.”


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