Word of the Day 


noun: a period of physiologically enforceddormancy between periods of activity

Although insects most often enterdiapause when they are pupaediapause can occur during any lifestage

Last week I discovered dozens of Monarch butterfly eggs at the ranchwhen a cold front pushed … migrantsdown to the Texas funnel. The earlymoving butterflies broke theirreproductive diapause to lay hundreds of eggs.” — MonicaMaeckleMySanAntonio.com, September 25, 2015

Did you know?
Diapausefrom the Greek worddiapausismeaning “pause,” may have been coined by the entomologist William Wheeler in 1893Wheeler‘s focus was insects, but diapause, a spontaneous periodof suspended animation that seemsto happen in response to adverseenvironmental conditionsalsooccurs in the development of crustaceanssnails, and otheranimalsExercising poetic licensenovelist Joyce Carol Oates evengave the word a human application in her short story “Visitation Rights” (1988): “Her lifeseemingly in shambles, … was not ruined; … injured perhaps, and surely stunted, but only temporarilyThere had beendiapause, and that was all….”


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