Word of the Day:

commodious :


adjectivecomfortably or convenientlyspacious : roomy 

Branch … says the top priority for a moviegoer is comfortable seating. To meet that demandHendrickConstruction … removed the theater‘s 1,800 traditionally narrowfabric-covered folding seats and replaced them with 800 morecommodiousdensely paddedsoftgrey vinyl recliners nearly 3 feet in width.” — Roberta FuchsMecklenburg Times (CharlotteNorthCarolina), March 2, 2015 

“The voice came from the boughs of a tall cherry-treewhere Adam had no difficulty in discerning a smallblue-pinafored figure perched in a commodious position where the fruitwas thickest.” — George EliotAdamBede1859

Did you know?
Although it’s now used to meanroomy,” in the 16th centurycommodious was regularly used to mean “handy” or “serviceable,” a meaning that is true to the word‘s Latin ancestorcommodummeaningconvenience.” Poet William Cowperused the word in that original sensein a letter referring to a vessel thatserved double dutycarryingmackerel and herring from a seasidetown to Londonthen making the return trip carrying passengers. As Cowper observed, “The cheapnessof the conveyance made it equallycommodious for dead fish and livelycompany.” (No doubt the arrivingpassengers had a lively smellwhichmay be one reason why Cowper alsonoted that some visitors to the seaside town were company whompeople who were nice in the choiceof their companywere rather fearfulof keeping company with.”)


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