Word of the Day :

technobabble :


nountechnical jargon 

The manual for the computerprogram used so much technobabblethat I was completely lost

Flitting comfortably betweenhighbrow wit and gleeful crassnessSilicon Valley elicits more than its share of honest-to-goodness bellylaughswhether or not you’re up on the latest technobabble.” — Portland(MainePress-HeraldApril 5, 2015

Did you know?
Technobabble was formed by combining techno- (meaningtechnical or technological“) withbabble (“continuous meaninglessvocal sounds“), and unsurprisinglysuggests language which soundshighly technical and is incomprehensible to the listenerTechno- as a combining form has given English speakers a number of interesting wordsincluding but not limited to technocrattechnophile and technophobiatechno-thrillertechnopreneur, and eventechnostructure (“the network of professionally skilled scientistsengineers, and administrators thattends to control the economy“). Techno- itself traces back to the same root word that gave us technologynamely the Greek wordtechnēmeaning “art, craft, or practical skill.”


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